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  • Auto Tracking PTZ IP Kamera
  • 1080P Full HD
  • 20X Optische Zoom
  • Wetterfeste mit Heizlüfter und Wischer
  • Infrarotlicht-Distanz: 120 m
  • Mit ONVIF und Blue Iris Unterstützung

Connecting the Cam to a Windows PC

  • the cam webinterface only works with Windows Internet Explorer (not edge, no mac, no linux)
  • connect cam directly via ethernet cable with pc, no internet needed
  • set your IP v4 address to (gateway doesnt matter, set it to )
  • open Internet Explorer and connect to the cam by typing the following IP in the address bar:
  • the cam webinterface should appear, login: admin password: admin
  • to activate the video you need to install a custom Internet Explorer plugin.
    • Click 'download plugin' in center of interface (where video is supposed to be)
    • it will download from the cam (not internet) save to disk, install, restart browser (or refresh page)
    • video of the cam should be on now
    • (some PC have security settings preventing to install the plugin, check windows settings to activate 'not save' software)

Set the Cam to constantly Auto-Tracking

  • go to the tracking tab (top right corner, little walking man)
  • use the arrow controls to make the cam point to the room
    • (which would be straight down, if it hung vertically from a building)
  • enable zoom, set to 8 or 10
  • return 5 seconds
  • save scene
  • enable tracking, 'on'
  • the cam should be auto track movement now, test it.
  • to avoid the cam going into parking position doing nothing we need to go into system settings
    • go to the first tab in right panel, and save the current setting to scene 1
    • then go to left hand panel "system settings"
    • select 'PTZ' tab
    • set return to parking to 5 min
    • change 'do nothing' to 'call scene 1'